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The risk of wildland fire in the San Juan Islands is far less than Eastern Washingon, much of California, and even other regions of Western Washington. However, as any islander knows, it does get quite dry here during the summer months. Fortunately we don't have many thunderstorms with lightning to start fires, but we do need to be extremely careful about anything we do that could possibly start a fire. Please take a look at our wildland fire fact sheet for more info.

If you want to learn more about wildland fire and how to protect your property, you may want to contact your local island fire department for more information. Many departments will perform site visits and walk you through preparedness steps one on one. They are a tremendous local resource and are usually willing to help (so long as they're not busy responding to an emergency!).

San Juan County Fire Districts:

Lopez Island Fire: 468-2991

San Juan Island Fire: 378-5334

Orcas Island Fire: 376-2331

Shaw Island Fire: 378-7880

Wildfire Info:

Fact Sheet: Wildfire

FEMA Information on Wildland Fires

Firewise: Making Sensible Choices in the
Wildland/Urban Interface