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The Islands Emergency Alert System is a tool that is designed to help spread critical information to the San Juan Islands community in a major emergency. Islanders are encouraged to sign up, ensuring that they have access to this valuable tool.



Please also view our Facebook and Twitter pages for current updates and news. These will often be the most accurate and active information sources during an actual emergency.

Some frequently asked questions about our Emergency Alert System:


Q. Am I required to sign up?

No, it is entirely optional, but is highly recommended.


Q. I don't get it, isn't this whole tool dependent on computers and phones? What happens if those aren't working?

A. Yes, this is just one tool, and if the communications infrastructure goes down, it won't work. It's still a valuable tool, but it is no replacement for common sense, neighbors helping neighbors, and old fashioned means of communication.


Q. Will signing up put me on any mailing lists or lead to me getting spammed?

A. No, we'll never share your information and will only use the tool in true emergencies.


Q. What sort of situation would this tool be used in?

A. It could be used to let neighborhoods or islands know of a wildfire, it could communicate instructions to the community following a major windstorm, earthquake or other disaster, it could be used to provide info after a major tragedy like a shooting or ferry accident. It is our belief and hope that this tool will rarely be used, if at all.


Q. Do I need to share all of my information?

A. Not at all, but the more you share, the more tools we have to reach you.