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1   Link   Latest Quake Info
Latest Pacific Northwest earthquake information from the UW in Seattle.
2   Link   Current WA State Fire Risk Info
Chart and map with forward looking wildfire risk analysis.
3   Link   Windstorms in Pacific NW
Summaries of major wind events
4   Link   State Seismic Hazards Catalog
Collection of detailed scenarios describing impacts of various WA State quake possibilities.
5   Link   WA DNR Geologic Hazards Map
Online tool for visualizing geologic hazards.
6   Link   Landslides
Slope maps for San Juan County
7   Link   Wildfire Mapping
Nationwide wildfire mapping info source.
8   Link   Oil Spill Response
Website for locally based Islands' Oil Spill Association (IOSA).
9   Link   Oil Spill Prevention and Response
WA State Department of Ecology Spill page.
10   Link   Tsunamis
West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center
11   Link   Friday Harbor Tide Gauge
Updated tidal gauge for Friday Harbor.