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1   Link   Quake Info for the Pacific NW
Broad clearinghouse of Pacific NW focused quake information.
2   Link   Detailed Shallow Quake Info
Comprehensive paper addressing shallow crustal earthquakes in the Pacific NW.
3   Link   WA DNR Summary of Devil's Mountain Fault
Summary of impact from modelling of 7.4 quake on the Devil's Mountain Fault that runs through north end of Whidbey and across to Victoria.
4   Link   NOAA Center for Tsunami Research
Good starting point for PNW focused tsunami info.
5   Link   Debunking 'Triangle of Life" Myth
American Red Cross response to the commonly encountered chain email about earthquake survival strategies.
6   Link   Animated Tsunami Model
Animated tsunami model for a subduction zone quake in Salish Sea region.
7   Link   Earthquake Insurance FAQ
Info from WA State Insurance Commissioner's Office on earthquake policies.
8   Link   Info on Retrofitting Your Home
Thorough guide to retrofitting your home to improve earthquake resilience.